Taylor Swift Wears Brittany Mahomes’ Hand-Me-Downs at Chiefs Game

Guess what? Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes are basically the Chiefs’ dynamic duo, twinning like it’s a trend that just hit the superhero scene!

Picture this: The 33-year-old “Wildest Dreams” singer and the 28-year-old wifey of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes were rocking the house at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers showdown on a Sunday (because when else do epic twinning moments happen?) at Leambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.

Now, you can’t ignore the fact that Taylor strutted in with a long red coat, and we’re not just talking about any coat—this thing was probably woven with threads of pure awesomeness. And guess what? We’ve cracked the code on where to snag a coat that’ll make you feel like you’re a rockstar superhero too!

But hold on to your hats, or in this case, your red coats, because Brittany has been there, done that! She flaunted the same fabulous coat on November 6, 2022, at a Chiefs game. Talk about twinning goals, right?

Now, if you’re feeling like a baller with cash to splash, Max Mara is selling the Taylor and Brittany-approved red Teddy Bear Icon Coat for a cool $4,190. Yep, you read that right—four grand for a coat! It’s like wearing a small luxury car, but make it fashion.

But wait, we’ve got you covered if your wallet is on a diet. Drumroll, please! Introducing the Lapel Neck Open Front Teddy Coat, making its grand entrance on SHEIN, and it won’t even cost you the price of a fancy dinner. This beauty is under $30! Because who said you can’t twin with Taylor and Brittany without breaking the bank?

Twinning at a Chiefs game, where red coats become the secret weapon of fashion superheroes. Now go out there, grab your budget-friendly twin, and conquer the fashion world with a twirl and a laugh!

Taylor Swift Wears Brittany Mahomes’ Hand-Me-Downs at Chiefs Game


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