Monday, May 29, 2023


Taylor Swift Receives Honorary Doctorate From New York University (NYU) in New York City

32-year-old 'Cats' actress Taylor Swift will soon be the recipient of an honorary doctorate from New York University, also known as NYU. The 'All too Well' singer will be getting a degree in fine arts from the school at...

Scientology Defector Leah Remini-Pagan Cries After Being Accepted into NYU at 50 Years Old

Scientology defector Leah Remini is heading back to college at 50-years-old! Remini just revealed that she's been accepted into NYU and will soon be joining the school as a freshman! "This is one of the last chunks of my...


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Kanye West Building Yeezy Headquarters in Los Angeles

Is Kanye West seriously trying to resurrect his career after all the shenanigans he's pulled? I mean, come on! By...