Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose Reveal Their Favorite Disney Characters of All Time

Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose have landed starring roles in Disney’s latest animated extravaganza, Wish. And guess what? They’re not just lending their voices; they’re spilling the beans on their early crush confessions about animated characters. Cue the nostalgia and giggles!

Chris, the brave soul that he is, kicked off the animated crush confessional. In a tell-all interview, he revealed that his heart once fluttered for none other than the underwater sensation herself โ€“ Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Talk about a fishy romance!

But wait, the animated crush confessions didn’t stop there. Ariana DeBose, in a plot twist of mythological proportions, confessed her infatuation with the entire Muse squad from Hercules. That’s right โ€“ not one Muse, but the whole ensemble! Now that’s what we call a divine crush dilemma.

As the animated love saga unfolded, Ariana threw another character into the mix. “I was really into Mulan,” she declared, admiration twinkling in her eyes. Mulan, the ultimate badass with a heart of gold โ€“ who could blame her?

And just when you thought the confessions couldn’t get any wilder, Chris Pine chimed in with a sly grin. “Jessica Rabbit’s pretty fine,” he casually dropped, as if he and the interviewer were discussing the weather. Classic Jessica, with her hourglass figure and sultry charisma, getting hearts racing even in animated form.

Chris and Ariana, Disney enthusiasts with crushes that transcend the animated realm. Who would have thought that our favorite stars had such animated affairs of the heart? It’s a tale as old as time, or in this case, as animated as Ariel’s underwater adventures and as mythical as Hercules’ heroic feats. Disney, where even the stars can’t resist falling for the animated magic!

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