Simone Biles Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Simone Biles is setting the record straight about the rumor mill going into overdrive faster than a toddler on a sugar high at a candy store. The 26-year-old Olympic gymnast graced us with a fresh batch of pics from Monday night’s (December 11) football fiesta, where she was enthusiastically cheering on her hubby, Jonathan Owens, and his squad, the Green Bay Packers.

Now, cue the peanut gallery! After dropping those pics, the comment section turned into a full-blown detective agency with wannabe Sherlock Holmeses claiming they spotted a baby bump and, naturally, playing the guessing game about a potential mini-Simone in the oven.

But hold your horses, gossipmongers! The gold medalist wasn’t about to let the rumor mill churn out more drama than a soap opera marathon. Simone took to her Instagram story with a virtual mic drop, shutting down the grapevine like a boss.

In bold letters (okay, maybe not bold, but definitely in caps lock), she declared, “I hate that I even have to address this, but please stop turning my Instagram into a virtual maternity ward. News flash—I’m not expecting a tiny human anytime soon.” And just to drive the point home, she threw in a virtual eye-roll for good measure.

Simone and her main squeeze, Jonathan, took the plunge into wedded bliss in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year. So, let’s raise a toast to shutting down the rumor mill and sipping on the tea of truth, because Simone’s gymnastics skills are for the balance beam, not the baby bump hustle.

Simone Biles Addresses Pregnancy Rumors
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