Selena Gomez Goes Makeup-Free Close to Release of ‘Love On’

Selena Gomez just gave the world a peek at her “au naturel” look, and boy, did she drop it like it’s hot! Ding! Makeup? Who needs it when you’ve got that Gomez glow?

In a move that screamed, “I woke up like this,” Selena blessed our Instagram feeds with a selfie that said, “Yeah, I’m flawless, even on my low-key days.” Seriously, can we borrow some of that confidence?

Rocking a cozy grey cardigan and some luscious curls cascading effortlessly down her shoulder, the “Who Says” sensation proved that less is definitely more. Move over, glam squad, Selena’s serving up some serious #wokeuplikethis vibes.

Just when we thought we couldn’t handle any more excitement, Selena casually dropped the bombshell about her upcoming single, “Love On.” Presave that bad boy, because it’s about to hit you like a ton of heart emojis!

Picture this: Selena, in all her post-shower glory, wrapped up in a pristine white bathrobe, towel turban game strong, rocking those shades like the queen of cool she is. Oh, and did we mention the backdrop? Just a casual view of the sea, because why not add a touch of oceanic bliss to your album cover?

The comments section went into meltdown mode, with fans losing their minds faster than you can say, “OMG, Selena, slay!” It’s like Christmas came early, and Santa’s name is Gomez.

“I can’t even deal right now! 😍” screamed one fan, probably still trying to catch their breath from all the excitement.

And as if that wasn’t enough to send us into a frenzy, Selena’s dropping this gem right in the month of love! Coincidence? We think not. Get ready to swoon, because “Love On” is about to become your new anthem for all things flirty and fabulous.

According to insider info (a.k.a. the press release), this banger is all about Selena’s adventures in the City of Love. Parisian romance meets Gomez charm? Sign us up, we’re booking our flights ASAP!

So mark your calendars, set those reminders, and get ready to turn your love on, because February 22, 2024, is about to become the day Selena Gomez stole our hearts all over again.

Selena Gomez Goes Makeup-Free Close to Release of ‘Love On’

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