Scientologist Elisabeth Moss is Pregnant

The world is about to get a little more Moss-tastic! Elisabeth Moss, aka the powerhouse behind The Handmaid’s Tale, is diving headfirst into the whirlwind adventure of motherhood! Cue the confetti cannons and baby booties!

In a reveal that sent shockwaves through the late-night TV universe, Elisabeth, who’s already snagged an Emmy or two for her acting chops, strutted onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a surprise announcement: she’s got a bun in the oven! Yep, you heard that right – the queen of dystopian drama is gearing up for her very own mini-drama of midnight feedings and diaper blowouts.

As she cozied up next to the ever-charming Jimmy Kimmel, the burning question was unleashed: is this the ultimate method acting commitment or just a tiny human on the way? With a twinkle in her eye and a quip at the ready, Elisabeth admitted it’s a little bit of both. Bravo, Elisabeth, Bravo!

This isn’t just any old pregnancy journey – oh no, it’s a Moss-worthy adventure of luck and laughter. According to the leading lady herself, things are going swimmingly. No cravings for pickles and ice cream at 3 AM? No meltdowns over misplaced socks? Elisabeth, are you sure you’re doing this right?

Now, in true Moss fashion, she’s keeping the identity of her baby’s daddy under wraps. Oh, the mystery! Oh, the intrigue! Who knew the dystopian future would have competition from the ultimate game of Guess Who?

But fear not, fellow parents and the parent-curious, for Elisabeth sought wisdom from the high priest of dad jokes himself, Jimmy Kimmel. Armed with four little ones of his own, Jimmy passed on the sacred scrolls of parenting advice bestowed upon him by none other than the legend, Bill Murray.

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“Bring Christmas lights,” he decreed, “for a festive delivery room ambiance. And don’t forget the battery-operated candles – Walmart lighting just won’t cut it for this momentous occasion!”

With a nod of approval, Elisabeth declared this sage advice worthy of the baby books. Move over, What to Expect When You’re Expecting – it’s time for Murray’s Manual of Merriment!

And lest we forget, amidst the chaos of impending parenthood, Elisabeth has been busy as a bee on a film set, cooking up her next cinematic masterpiece, Shell. A woman of many talents, indeed!

So here’s to you, Elisabeth Moss, may your journey into motherhood be as epic as your on-screen exploits. Congratulations on this wild new role – we can’t wait to see what plot twists and cliffhangers await!


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