Taraji P Henson is Grateful For Her ‘The Color Purple’ Vocal Coach

Hold onto your vocal cords, because Taraji P. Henson just spilled the beans on the genius behind her latest vocal extravaganza in The Color Purple. Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the vocal wizard himself, Stevie Mackey!

In a post that could rival a comedy show, Taraji unleashed a behind-the-scenes gem on her Instagram account. Picture this: Taraji, the dazzling star, getting a crash course in vocal gymnastics from the maestro, Stevie Mackey. And no, it’s not your typical boring singing lesson – this one comes with a side of hilarity!

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The video features Mackey playing the piano like a maestro on a caffeine high, while Taraji stands there, ready to unleash her vocal prowess. It’s like a musical comedy duo on steroids. They’re not just singing; they’re belting out tunes from the hit song with the kind of enthusiasm that could rival a karaoke night after a few too many cocktails.

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Taraji, in her caption, gives us a peek into the vocal rollercoaster she embarked on, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, behold the mastermind behind #ShugAveryvoice! I adore you, Stevie Mackey. You didn’t just teach me to sing; you helped me unlock some thangs vocally.”

Taraji spills the tea on their hard work, proudly exclaiming, “We worked so hard. You gave me the vocal swagger I needed to breathe life into #shugavery. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL.”

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The secret sauce to Taraji’s vocal brilliance in The Color Purple: a dash of Stevie Mackey’s magic, a sprinkle of piano-playing theatrics, and a whole lot of love and laughter. Who knew vocal training could be this hilarious and heartwarming? Move over, Grammy winners; we’ve got a new dynamic duo in town! #VocalGoals #ShugAveryMackeyMagic

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