Rosalia and Hunter Schafer Went Furniture Shopping

Guess what? Rosalia and Hunter Schafer just had the most epic girls’ day out, and we’re here for all the juicy deets!

The 31-year-old “Beso” crooner and the 25-year-old Euphoria sensation embarked on a quest for the perfect smoothie at Erewhon Market during their wild adventure in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 14). Because, you know, nothing says “girls’ day out” like sipping on some fabulous smoothies!

Picture this: Rosalia, rocking a leather jacket that screamed, “I’m here to slay,” paired with the ultimate black jeans of justice. On the other side of fabulous, Hunter was rocking a black bomber jacket that was basically a superhero cape, thrown casually over a white crop top that had us all saying, “Crop tops in January? Now that’s a power move!” And let’s not forget the baggy jeans, because comfort is key when you’re conquering the world.

As the dynamic duo strolled around, turning heads and causing double-takes, they decided to take a detour to a furniture store. Because what’s a girls’ day out without a little spontaneous furniture shopping, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to spruce up their living room after a smoothie-fueled adventure?

Rosalia and Hunter Schafer just redefined the girls’ day out game. Smoothies, killer outfits, and a random furniture shopping spree – if that’s not squad goals, then we don’t know what is. Cheers to these two for proving that girls’ days out can be as unpredictable and fabulous as their wardrobe choices!

Rosalia and Hunter Schafer Went Furniture Shopping
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