Donald Glover Reveals Plans For New Childish Gambino Albums

Guess what? Donald Glover just dropped a bombshell bigger than a giant marshmallow landing at a sleepover! Picture this: the 40-year-old rap maestro crashed Tyler, the Creator’s Coachella gig like a meteor crashing a backyard barbecue!

But hold on to your popcorn, because the real kicker came the next day (April 14). Donald, the mastermind behind the enigmatic persona Childish Gambino, declared that he’s throwing in the towel with a final album under that alias. Cue the dramatic music!

In an epic chat with Gilga Radio, the man himself spilled the beans. He’s gifting us not one, but two auditory gems. First up, a deluxe edition of his 2020 head-scratcher “3.15.20” is getting a reboot under a fresh moniker. It was supposed to be named “Atavista” originally, but hey, who’s got time for mixing and mastering? Not Donald, apparently! The pièce de résistance: the grand finale, the swan song, the magnum opus of Childish Gambino albums, tailor-made to be the soundtrack of his upcoming cinematic spectacle “Bando Storm and the New World.”

He spilled the tea, saying, “3.15.20, the lost album that I swear some folks thought was a mythical creature, was supposed to be called ‘Atavista.’ But it was like a surprise birthday party I threw for everyone, including myself, without a cake or even candles. We’re rolling with it now, it’s ‘Atavista.’ But brace yourselves, after that rollercoaster, we’ve got one last hurrah—a final, jaw-dropping, mind-bending Childish Gambino album.”

So, buckle up! The ride’s not over till Childish Gambino sings!

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