Ryan Gosling Calls Eva Mendes His “Hero” In Men’s Health

In the latest gossip extravaganza, Ryan Gosling spilled the beans about his lovely partner Eva Mendes in a Men’s Health cover story that’s juicier than a ripe watermelon!

The dashing 43-year-old heartthrob showered his 50-year-old sweetheart with some seriously sweet words, dubbing her his “hero.” Move over, Superman, Eva’s taking the spotlight!

When prodded about who he looks up to, Ryan didn’t hesitate to shout out Eva and his uncle Bill. Apparently, Uncle Bill threatened to fill a scrapbook with Ryan’s achievements, and let’s just say, Ryan didn’t want that book to be as empty as his stomach during a Netflix binge.

And guess what’s cooking in Ryan’s kitchen of love? A Moroccan chicken bastilla! He’s not just a pretty face; he’s a culinary wizard too! Gordon Ramsay, watch out!

Now, let’s talk about Ryan’s latest gig. He’s strutting his stuff in “The Fall Guy,” playing a daredevil stuntman. But don’t be fooled. Ryan’s not risking life and limb for every scene. He knows when to call in the cavalry, or should we say stunt double, before things get too hairy.

In a moment of reflection deeper than the Mariana Trench, Ryan mused about his life philosophy. He’s all about going “deathbed” with everything. He’s living life like there’s no tomorrow, but with a family-first twist. Work can wait, but Eva and the girls? They’re top priority! It’s like a rom-com with a hint of action, and we’re here for it.

So, next time you’re pondering life’s big questions, just ask yourself: What would Ryan Gosling do? Probably whip up some Moroccan magic and shower his loved ones with affection. And hey, isn’t that the recipe for a blockbuster life?

Ryan Gosling Calls Eva Mendes His “Hero” In Men’s Health

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