Lindsay Lohan Expresses “Disappointment” at Joke Made About Her in New ‘Mean Girls’ Movie

Oh, buckle up! We’ve got some Mean Girls drama hotter than a fire crotch on a Y2K Christmas talent show! Lindsay Lohan, the OG Cady Heron, is not exactly LOL-ing at the latest Mean Girls musical movie.

So, get this – in the flick, Megan Thee Stallion pops up like a glittery Christmas ornament on social media, giving her two cents on Cady’s festive talent show getup. She goes, “We are going back red. Y2K fire crotch is back.” Yep, you heard it right, fire crotch resurrection!

Now, for those not in the loop, this sassy phrase is a throwback to a legendary 2006 paparazzi video where some oil heir named Brandon Davis (now hitched to Ashley Benson) dubbed Lindsay Lohan as “fire crotch.” Oh, the things that stick!

But hold on, cue the dramatic entrance of Lindsay’s rep, probably wearing sunglasses indoors for extra flair. They declared, “Lindsay was very hurt and disappointed by the reference in the film.” Ouch! That stings worse than Regina George’s Burn Book comments.

So, in a world where “fetch” is still trying to happen, and fire crotch references are making comebacks like a ’90s fashion trend, we’re left wondering – will Lindsay ever catch a break, or is she destined to forever dodge Mean Girls-related drama like it’s a misplaced Burn Book? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Lindsay’s Lament: The Chronicles of the Unfortunate Fire Crotch Joke.”

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