Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Mourn the Death of Their Dog Lua

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are going through a canine calamity!

In a tragic tale of tail-wagging woe, the 43-year-old supermodel and the 46-year-old retired quarterback delivered some ruff news on Instagram. Brace yourselves – their fur-tastic family member, Lua, has officially traded in her squeaky toys for a spot in doggy heaven.

Gisele poured her heart out, saying, “Our little Lulu, our guardian angel is gone to heaven. She will forever live in our hearts. We already miss her sooooo much! #unconditionallove RIPLua 💔” – accompanied by enough photos of Lua to make any puparazzi proud.

Not to be outdone, Tom shared a snap of their kiddos, Vivian and Benjamin, giving Lua the ultimate cuddle session. In a move that could warm even the coldest of doggy noses, he captioned it with, “We love you Lua RIP.”

But the canine commemoration didn’t stop there. Tom went solo with a snap of Lua and declared, “Forever in our hearts,” adding, “Always the sweetest and cutest.” It’s like a Shakespearean tragedy, but with more fur and less iambic pentameter.

Here’s to Lua, the four-legged legend who will be wagging her tail in doggy Valhalla forever! 🐾💔 #GoneButNotFur-gotten

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