RM and V From BTS Begin Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

The BTS military party is in full swing! It’s like the coolest enlistment party you’ve never been invited to.

Guess what? V and RM have decided to take a break from the glam life to embrace the rugged charm of military service in South Korea. Move over red carpets, it’s time for camouflage couture!

Not to be fashionably late, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga have already kicked off their military adventures in the past year. Talk about a trendsetting boy band – who needs choreography when you’ve got synchronized enlistments?

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Jimin and Jungkook are currently in the process of turning in their popstar badges for military onesies. Get ready for the hottest military recruits since… well, ever.

Breaking news from the frontlines of fabulousness: V proudly flaunted his freshly buzzed haircut before reporting for duty. Move over military regulations, V’s hair game is in a league of its own.

According to the HYBE gossip mill, V and RM have landed at a boot camp in Nonsan, ready to dive headfirst into 18 months of military shenanigans. We’re picturing camouflage choreography and synchronized salute routines.

Hold your K-pop heart, because the AP News has spilled the beans on the next chapter of BTS’s epic journey. RM and V are set to endure five weeks of combat training – yes, you heard that right, combat. Suddenly, “War of Hormone” takes on a whole new meaning.

But fear not, army of ARMY, our beloved Bangtan Boys will reunite in 2025, ready to drop beats and bombs on the music scene once again. Until then, let’s appreciate the fact that the military has never been this fabulous. Move over, generals – here comes the BTS brigade!

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