Rachel Zegler Explains How Her ‘Snow White’ Character is Different From the Classic Animated Version

Hold on to your magic mirrors, because Rachel Zegler is about to sprinkle some sassy stardust on the classic tale of Snow White! Move over, animated princesses, because this live-action version is serving up more leadership than a GPS on steroids.

In an interview that probably took place in a forest with talking animals and enchanted trees, Zegler spilled the beans to Collider about her take on the iconic character. Apparently, this Snow White isn’t just a damsel in distress waiting for Prince Charming to slide into her DMs. No, no, no! She’s the CEO of the Seven Dwarfs, and the dwarfs report to her, not the other way around.

Zegler gushed, “Forget the helpless princess routine. We’re upgrading Snow White to CEO status. She’s got this innate leadership vibe, and I’m pretty sure she’s enrolled in a weekend leadership seminar with Simba from ‘The Lion King.'”

According to Zegler, Snow White undergoes a character evolution that makes Tony Stark’s arc look like a stroll through a rose garden. This isn’t just a coming-of-age story; it’s a coming-of-millennium story. Snow White’s third eye is apparently wide open, and it’s not just for spotting poisoned apples. It’s for spotting all the drama in the enchanted kingdom and dropping wisdom like a fairy godmother on a caffeine high.

Picture this: Snow White, in her fabulous gown, dropping lines that make you question if she’s been sipping from the Fountain of Sass. Zegler teased, “There are scenes where she’s talking like she’s been around since the invention of sliced bread, or at least since Disney started making animated classics. It’s like Snow White is the OG influencer, and the dwarfs are her loyal subscribers.”

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And if that’s not enough to pique your curiosity, Zegler hinted at some serious time-traveling linguistic skills. “I’m channeling my inner Yoda at times,” she chuckled. “You know, speaking in wise riddles that make you go, ‘Wait, did Snow White just drop a philosophy bomb on me?'”

Mark your calendars, because this royal rollercoaster of hilarity and leadership is hitting theaters on March 21, 2025. Get ready for the sassiest Snow White ever to grace the silver screen!

Rachel Zegler Explains How Her ‘Snow White’ Character is Different From the Classic Animated Version


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