Prince Harry and Prince William Aren’t Adrift Because of Meghan Markle

The royal saga between Prince Harry and Prince William has more twists and turns than a medieval maze. Forget the blame game on Meghan Markle; it turns out, this royal ruckus started way before she became the Duchess of Sussex.

Sources spill the tea that Prince William, the future king, has tagged his little brother as a “defector.” Cue the gasps!

But what’s the root cause of this princely tiff, you ask? Brace yourselves for the most regal showdown in recent history: wildlife conservation in Africa. Forget about thrones; they’re battling it out over elephants and lions.

According to The Times of London, the royal duo clashed horns over how to save endangered species. It’s like a wild kingdom war, but with more tiaras and less camouflage. An insider spilled the royal beans, claiming, “They are both very passionate about saving protected species but didn’t always share the same view about how to run projects in Africa.”

Hold your giggles; it gets better. Prince William, the sensible future king, apparently thinks we should empower local communities to save the day. Picture this: a majestic lion and a bunch of villagers holding hands, singing ‘Kumbaya.’ Heartwarming, right?

Now, here comes Prince Harry, the rebel royal. He’s all about the hands-on approach, because, let’s be honest, saving wildlife needs more than a group hug. “Harry felt that you need a more hands-on approach to ensure wildlife habitats were securely protected to enact change quickly,” the source spilled.

A royal clash of conservation philosophies. Who needs Game of Thrones when you’ve got the battle for the African savannah? Will the brothers reconcile over a cup of tea, or will the wildlife divide them forever? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Keeping Up with the Crown!”

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