Paris Hilton is a Big Fan of North West

Move over, world! Paris Hilton has officially declared herself the president of the North West fan club, and she’s not holding back on the gushing at GQ’s Men of the Year 2023 red carpet extravaganza.

Picture this: Paris, the 42-year-old business mogul, sashaying down the red carpet with all the grace of a flamingo on roller skates. But wait, she’s not there to talk about her latest perfume or the intricacies of her chihuahua’s wardrobe. No, no. She’s got a more pressing matter at hand – the sheer brilliance of Kim Kardashian’s pint-sized prodigy, North West.

Now, if you thought lemonade stands were just for cute photos and a few spare quarters, think again! According to Paris, North is basically running the Lemonade Mafia. Kim spilled the tea to GQ about North’s entrepreneurial spirit, revealing that this 10-year-old wonder charges a cool $20 per cup at her lemonade stands. Move over, Jeff Bezos, North West is coming for that business tycoon crown!

But Paris? Oh, she’s not shocked; she’s impressed. Flashback to her own Malibu days, where Paris and her sister were the OG lemonade scam queens. It’s like a lemonade stand rite of passage, and North is acing it. Paris declared on the red carpet, “North is a future entrepreneur, and I love that. I love her so much.” Move over, Shark Tank; we need a Lemonade Tank ASAP!

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – North’s TikTok masterpiece. The 10-year-old transformed into her mom at the Sydney Airport in 2006, with a friend rocking Paris’ iconic look from that day. Paris was beside herself with joy, exclaiming, “They had the looks exactly down. That girl is iconic.” Move over, Hollywood; North West is the new queen of costume changes and Paris Hilton is her biggest cheerleader.

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Paris and North – a dynamic duo destined for lemonade stand success and TikTok greatness. Who knew the future of entertainment could be found in a cup of lemonade and a throwback wardrobe? Paris Hilton did, and now we do too. Cheers to the Lemonade Revolution!


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