Paris Hilton Addresses Fan-Theory About Her Daughter London’s Name

Paris Hilton, queen of surprises, recently spilled the beans on her hush-hush addition to the family – a mini-me named London. And oh boy, the rumor mill started churning faster than a hamster on an energy drink.

Fans, being the brilliant detectives they are, quickly connected the dots and speculated that little London might just be named after none other than the iconic London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I mean, who wouldn’t want to name their child after a character who probably has a room bigger than your entire apartment, right?

But fear not, dear gossip enthusiasts, because Paris herself has swooped in to address the speculation with all the grace of a socialite in stilettos. In a recent interview that was probably as fabulous as her closet, she declared, “I thought that was hilarious. I love that character and that show.” Can you imagine the heiress chuckling at the thought of her daughter inheriting a fictional character’s name? Classic Paris move.

Now, brace yourselves for the grand reveal of the baby name inspiration. Drumroll, please! Paris has had this master plan since her teenage years. Brace for impact. “I’ve always wanted to name my daughter ‘London’ since I was a teenager — I’ve always had this plan — because I love the name Paris and London together,” she spilled, leaving us all in stitches. Forget about baby name books; Paris has been plotting this since her high school days. Talk about dedication.

And let’s not forget the over-the-top celebration for the arrival of little London. Picture this: Paris and her firstborn son Phoenix throwing a party that’s probably pinker than a flamingo dipped in bubblegum. Cute? Oh, absolutely. Subtle? Not in the Hilton vocabulary.

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The mystery of London’s name has been solved, and it turns out it’s not a nod to a Disney diva but rather the result of Paris Hilton’s long-standing dream of having a daughter named after a European city. Because why settle for a regular baby name when you can have a socialite-worthy spectacle? Paris out. Mic drop.


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