Prince William Thinks ‘Endgame’ by Omid Scobie is “Spiteful”

Prince William is apparently about as impressed with Omid Scobie’s latest masterpiece, “Endgame,” as a cat is with a cucumber. According to the grapevine at Us Weekly, our dear Prince of Wales isn’t exactly doing cartwheels of joy over this literary gem. In fact, he reportedly finds it as “spiteful” as a cat who just realized that cucumber wasn’t a new playmate but a green, suspicious intruder.

So, there’s this book that just hit the shelves like a ton of drama bricks on November 28. It’s called “Endgame,” and it’s like the royal family’s version of a soap opera on steroids. You’ve got the fallout from Queen Elizabeth’s departure in 2022, Harry and Meghan doing their grand exit in 2020, and the grand coronation of King Charles III this year. It’s like the monarchy went on a rollercoaster, but instead of screaming with joy, it’s more like a collective “What just happened?” moment.

Now, our buddy Prince William isn’t exactly rolling on the floor laughing about the headlines this book is causing. According to the insiders, he’s not surprised but is treating it like that one friend who keeps making bad jokes—you just don’t want to encourage them. “The more he says, the more attention it feeds the whole frenzy,” says our invisible royal fly on the wall. So, Will is basically playing it cool, not wanting to give this literary rollercoaster any more fuel.

He’s apparently calling the book a “spiteful portrayal of the monarchy.” Picture him with a raised eyebrow, saying, “Oh, really now?” But hey, who can blame him? He’s not keen on helping spread a buffet of false and cruel stories about the royal family. The insider also spilled the tea that the prince is just downright tired of the whole drama circus surrounding the book and his family. Can you blame the guy? It’s like dealing with a never-ending soap opera marathon.

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And here’s the kicker – the book claims that the rift between Harry and William got deeper after Meghan and Harry dropped some bombshells about royal life. It’s like they pulled out a surprise party, but instead of confetti, it was just a whole bunch of family drama. Harry’s book, “Spare,” apparently didn’t do any favors for the brotherly bond either. It’s like they’re playing a game of literary ping pong, but with emotions.

In “Endgame,” the author spills the beans that a source says Prince William is convinced his brother got “brainwashed” by a literal “army of therapists.” Imagine the mental image of therapists marching in formation, whispering, “You are getting very royal.” According to the grapevine, William now looks at Harry like he’s an alien—like, “Who even are you anymore, bro?” It’s like a plot twist in a sci-fi movie, but instead of aliens, it’s just a family feud of regal proportions.

Meanwhile, Harry’s got his own set of feelings, writing about being summoned for backup, distraction, and being treated like a spare kidney. Yes, you read that right—a spare kidney. Because apparently, every family needs one. Can you imagine the family dinner conversations? “Pass the salt, and oh, by the way, can I borrow your spare kidney?”

The royal family drama has its own blockbuster novel now. It’s got more twists and turns than a theme park ride, and the royals are playing a game of he-said-she-said that’s more entertaining than a sitcom. Popcorn, anyone?


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