Ashley Tisdale is Grateful for Her Husband and Daughter on Thanksgiving

Ashley Tisdale is throwing a Thanksgiving bash that even turkeys would envy!

The 38-year-old Phineas and Ferb star unleashed a hilarious explosion of gratitude on Instagram, proving she’s more thankful than a pumpkin pie at a dessert buffet.

“Gratitude level: Through the roof! 🚀 So blessed to be surrounded by these amazing humans ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!” she declared, accompanied by a parade of pics and videos that would make even the Thanksgiving Day Parade jealous.

In the midst of the feast of memories, Tisdale showcased a video of her 2-year-old daughter, Jupiter, taking a casual stroll on the beach. Move over, seagulls—Jupiter has officially stolen the spotlight! The post also featured selfies galore with her main squeeze, Christopher French, along with clips of her breaking it down on the dance floor with friends and getting her birthday groove on.

Tisdale and French, partners in crime since 2014, welcomed Jupiter into the world on Mar. 23, 2021, and let’s just say, she’s been stealing the show ever since.

Reflecting on the miraculous day of Jupiter’s arrival, Tisdale spilled the beans on her “stellar labor experience” during a one-week birthday celebration extravaganza on Instagram. Decked out with hospital pics and a play-by-play in the caption, she spilled the tea on how she masterfully orchestrated the birth of her bundle of joy.

“When they say it takes a village, they mean it!” she spilled the deets. “Sure, there was a bit of pain, but I set the vibes that morning, and boom, Jupiter entered the scene just as I envisioned.” In another post, she confessed to setting the mood with “calm” and “peaceful” vibes while ditching fear and embracing the moment. Plus, she gave a shout-out to her doula extraordinaire, @lbreggy, the unsung hero armed with flameless candles, fairy lights, and magical massages.

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And who could forget the prophecy? Back in February, the actress proudly declared she was raising a mini-me. “She’s basically my clone since birth,” Tisdale spilled the tea to PEOPLE. “Sure, she’s got my husband’s face, but her sass? That’s all me,” she laughed. “From her expressions to the way she drops one-liners, it’s like looking in a hilarious mirror. At first, I was like, ‘Girl, why don’t you look like Mama?’ But then I realized, ‘Oh, you’re totally my twin. It’s a riot!'”


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