Kristen Stewart Talks Being Nervous on the Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart, effortlessly cool cat of Hollywood, might strut on the red carpet like a pro, but guess what? She’s just as human as the rest of us! At the ripe age of 33, this superstar is currently rocking the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, and despite her A-list status, she spilled the beans on why those glamorous events still make her heart do the cha-cha.

In an exclusive red carpet chit-chat, Kristen spilled the tea on her not-so-secret pre-carpet ritual. “I can practically hear my heart doing the Macarena inside my chest,” she confessed, giving us a glimpse into the world of superstar jitters. But hold your horses, because the reason behind her red carpet nerves is sweeter than a candy shop on Valentine’s Day!

According to Kristen, Sundance is like the Disneyland of film festivals – all warm and fuzzy. In a candid moment with Variety, she spilled, “I get nervous because I genuinely care about those who put their blood, sweat, and tears into making the movie. It’s like trying to outshine the movie itself – not an easy feat, let me tell you!”

She went on to spill more tea, explaining that being a stronger voice than the movie is as tricky as trying to walk in stilettos on a tightrope. “It’s not about me hogging the spotlight; it’s more like, ‘Oh dear, I hope I don’t mess up and say something that turns this masterpiece into a comedy – unless it’s a comedy, of course!”

Kristen Stewart, the queen of cool, still battles those pre-red carpet jitters, all for the love of the art and the fantastic humans who bring it to life. We can practically hear her heart pounding from here – and we’re pretty sure it’s doing the moonwalk now. Keep slaying, Kristen!

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