Lil Tay Gives First Interview Since Internet Death Hoax

Remember the time when the internet exploded with rumors that Lil Tay, the pint-sized social media sensation, had kicked the bucket? Yeah, turns out she’s very much alive, kicking, and ready to spill the tea in a Rolling Stone interview.

First off, let’s get one thing straight: Lil Tay’s real name is Claire Hope. Yeah, I know, it’s like finding out the Tooth Fairy’s real name is Phil. Anyway, she was prematurely pronounced “dead” in August, thanks to some internet tricksters. The next day, she emerged from the digital grave, shouting, “Psych! My account got hacked, y’all!” We’ve all been there, right?

But Lil Tay wasn’t about to let a little thing like a death hoax bring her down. Nope, she bounced back like a bungee jumper with amnesia, releasing a music video and kicking off her musical career. Because, why not, right?

Now, in a move that’s about as shocking as discovering unicorns love disco dancing, she’s sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview. In it, she dishes on her family drama, her musical dreams, and even a missed opportunity on a TV show. Apparently, there was a custody battle between her mom and dad, and she had to time the release of her music video around that. Talk about your rock and a hard place!

She also addressed the “death hoax” situation, assuring us that she didn’t plan her music video release to coincide with her apparent demise. No, it was all about her “winning her freedom” and wanting to get her music out there. As for the hoax? Well, that was just a little cherry on top of the chaos cake.

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Throughout the interview, Lil Tay pointed fingers at various suspects for the death hoax, including her own dad, brother, and a bunch of others. But they all waved their innocence flags faster than you can say “scandal.”

Oh, and let’s not forget her internet persona. She’s not all about throwing shade, y’all! She assured us that it’s all about context, and if you met her in person, she’d be all smiles and rainbows. You know, unless you asked about her music, in which case, she’d have no reason to call you a “broke-ass b-tch.”

She also spilled the beans on some juicy opportunities that came her way, like a chance to play Ashtray in Euphoria. Unfortunately, she couldn’t accept because her parents were having a custody battle that made the Hatfields and McCoys look like a friendly game of checkers.

And, there were rumors that she was offered the chance to record with Rick Rubin and tour with Eminem, but those turned out to be faker than a three-dollar bill, according to Eminem’s squad. Her mom chimed in, saying they needed a contract before they could take over the world. Meanwhile, Lil Tay’s dad was busy denying any wrongdoing in the whole death hoax shenanigans. He claimed he was just trying to prevent her from “ruining her life.” Father of the Year, right there!

Our plucky protagonist, Lil Tay, ended the interview with a nod to her spirit animal, Harry Potter. She compared her life to the young wizard, lamenting the tabloid reporters and haters who tried to bring him down. She even had beef with Rita Skeeter, the fictional tabloid reporter in the wizarding world. It seems the struggle is real, even in Hogwarts.

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The world of Lil Tay is a rollercoaster of drama, chaos, and unexpected connections to the magical realm.


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