Kendall Jenner Spends Time With Hailey and Justin Bieber After Bad Bunny Split

In a shocking turn of events, Kendall Jenner is flaunting her post-Bad Bunny freedom by strutting her stuff with none other than the Biebers – Justin and Hailey, that is! The 28-year-old model rocked her way into Catch Steak restaurant in Aspen, Colo., accompanied by the dynamic duo for a dinner that surely left Bad Bunny questioning his life choices.

Joining the squad for this epic dinner extravaganza was Nina Dobrev, with her boyfriend Shaun White in tow. Talk about a power dinner – if those walls could talk, they’d be gossiping about this A-list crew for weeks!

The morning after this star-studded feast, Kendall sported braided pigtails like a rebellious schoolgirl as she rendezvoused with Hailey and the breakfast brigade. Because nothing says “I’m living my best life” like braided pigtails, right?

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Hailey, not one to be outdone in the post-breakup style game, later donned a long, black leather coat that practically screamed, “I’m fabulous, and ready to mingle!” As they sipped on coffee and flaunted their newfound freedom, you could almost hear the collective gasps of exes everywhere.

In case you missed the memo over the weekend, Kendall and Bad Bunny called it quits after nearly a year of dating. But fear not! Kendall’s out here proving that the best way to mend a broken heart is with laughter, breakfast dates, and a killer wardrobe. Watch out world, the Jenner is on the loose, and she’s not letting a Bad Bunny hold her back!

Kendall Jenner Spends Time With Hailey and Justin Bieber After Bad Bunny Split
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