Naomi Campbell Says She’s Welcomed Both Her Children Via Surrogate

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, now 54, is spilling the beans about her journey with surrogacy, and it’s juicier than a watermelon at a summer picnic.

In an interview with The Times on June 7, Naomi confirmed she took the surrogate route for her two munchkins: “Yep, I did,” she casually dropped, like she was announcing a new handbag collection.

The fashion icon revealed that her little fashionista daughter, age 2, and her son, who made his grand entrance in June 2023, both came into the world via surrogacy. Since their debuts, Naomi has been a master of the peekaboo game, keeping their names, birthdays, and adorable faces under wraps like state secrets.

Naomi also dished on her “future freak-outs” in the interview.

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“My babies are my everything,” she gushed, clutching her heart dramatically (probably). “Thinking about their future makes me quiver in my stilettos. I want a better world for them. They’re my 110 percent priority. I mean, I have to make sure I’m there on their first day of school to scare off any bullies with my runway walk.”

Embracing her solo parenting gig, Naomi’s living her best life as a single mom. She’s a bit puzzled by young gals these days declaring they don’t want kids or citing the “too expensive” excuse.

Naomi’s response? “Oh, sweetie, you’ll change your mind. Trust me, one day you’ll be craving the chaos of mom life. Yes, the economy’s a mess, but my mum had zilch and still made it work. It’s worth every sleepless night. Truly spectacular.”

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Previously, Naomi’s been tight-lipped about her kiddos, but in a February 2022 chat with Vogue, she made it crystal clear that her daughter “wasn’t adopted — she’s my child.” No room for misinterpretation there!

In other thrilling news, Naomi is about to be the first supermodel ever to star in an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. “Naomi: In Fashion” opens on June 22 and promises to be a groundbreaking tribute to her legendary career. The exhibit’s tagline might as well be “Bow Down, Mortals” as it promises to showcase her collaborations with top designers and photographers, her activism, and her colossal cultural footprint.

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Just last month, Naomi gave the world a rare peek at her baby boy. She blessed Instagram with a carousel of photos, featuring her striking a pose with both kiddos. In one shot, she’s holding her son on her hip and hugging her daughter, all while taking in a sunset, backs to the camera – the epitome of mom glam.

She captioned the photo with, “#BLESSED ❤️❤️🙏🏾,” because how else would a supermodel announce motherhood?

Naomi Campbell: supermodel, supermom, and now, the subject of a museum exhibit. Is there anything she can’t do? Probably not, but stay tuned!

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