The Meaning Behind The Title Of Katy Perry’s Album ‘143’ Revealed

The ever-sparkling Katy Perry has announced her new album, 143, and oh boy, is there a juicy story behind that title.

At the ripe old age of 39 (but who’s counting?), our beloved Katy dropped the news bomb on Wednesday (July 10) that her latest masterpiece, the sequel to 2020’s Smile, is almost here. And guess what? The first single, “Woman’s World,” is strutting onto the scene this Thursday. Yes, the same Thursday that comes after every other day of the week!

Katy’s PR squad spilled the metaphorical tea and let us in on the secret sauce behind the album’s title. Spoiler alert: it’s not her ATM PIN or the number of wigs she owns.

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“Katy set out to create a bold, exuberant, celebratory dance-pop album with the symbolic 143 numerical expression of love as a throughline message,” her website teased. (Apparently, Katy’s team is auditioning for a Shakespearean drama.)

Now, for those of you scratching your heads, wondering if 143 is Katy’s bowling score, it’s actually a throwback to the glorious ’90s. Remember pagers? Yeah, those brick-like gadgets that were the texting grandpas before smartphones swooped in. “143” was the shorthand for “I love you.” Because typing full words was just too mainstream.

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Why 143, you ask? According to the ancient scrolls of AirDroid, “each number in 143 just counts the letters in each word: I (1), Love (4), You (3).” Boom, mind blown.

But wait, there’s more! The 143 code didn’t just start with pagers. Nope, it was a thing way back in 1894 (before KatyCats roamed the Earth) as a way for lighthouses to send sweet nothings to boats. And it even had a cameo in Morse code. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

So, what’s the vibe of Katy’s new album? Prepare your dance shoes and emotional support plushies. The album promises to be a “sexy, fearless, return to form for the multifaceted musician with an album jam-packed with the empowering, sexy, & provocative pop anthems you’ve come to love.” Translation: it’s gonna be lit with a side of feels.

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Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and maybe even tattoo the date on your arm: 143 drops on September 20. Get ready to dance, cry, and profess your love in the most numerical way possible!

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