Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Workout Routine for ‘Deadpool 3’

Guess who’s flexing their superhero muscles? None other than the ageless wonder, Hugh Jackman!

This 55-year-old dynamo just dropped a video that’s hotter than a chimichanga on a summer day. What’s the occasion, you ask? Well, our favorite Aussie is pumping iron and sculpting those biceps while gearing up for Deadpool 3. That’s right, Wolverine is back in action!

In the vid, Hugh is tossing around weights like they’re marshmallows, doing curls that would make a pretzel jealous, and giving his biceps the workout of a lifetime. And what does he have to say for himself? “No days off — except for tomorrow. #becomingwolverineagain,” he cheekily captions the post. Somebody get this man a cape!

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Hold onto your chimichangas, because Deadpool 3 is swooping into theaters on July 26, 2024, with Ryan Reynolds donning the red spandex once more. As for Hugh, he’s not just lifting dumbbells; he’s lifting our spirits!

And in case you were wondering about the latest gossip from the director, Shawn Levy spilled the beans on the film’s status. Oh, and did we mention the whispers about Taylor Swift joining the cast? Shawn addressed those too, leaving us on the edge of our seats with anticipation. Get ready for a wild ride!

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So, while you’re waiting for the cinematic extravaganza, why not check out Hugh Jackman’s workout? Spoiler alert: it’s more entertaining than a Deadpool stand-up routine!


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