Heckler Yells “So Handsome” at Prince William in Singapore

Prince William’s grand adventure in Singapore, where he embarked on what can only be described as a “general photocall” with Sim Ann, the Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. These two posed proudly at the “world’s tallest indoor waterfall,” known as the Rain Vortex, located right at Jewel Changi Airport. And oh boy, let’s just say that backlighting wasn’t exactly William’s best friend – but hey, at least he didn’t end up looking like a shadowy figure in a crime documentary.

Now, why on earth the Windsors don’t spend more time in Asia is a mystery as deep as the Rain Vortex itself. The Asian folks seem to adore them, and Singapore was no exception. The crowd turnout for Prince William’s arrival was impressive, making us ponder if there’s a secret fan club for British royals hidden somewhere in the city. Maybe it’s time to start “The Windsors of Singapore” fan club – any takers?

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The Daily Mail, our go-to source for all things royal (and juicy gossips), went all out on this one. According to them, Prince William is nothing less than a “rock star.” Seriously, can you imagine him rocking out on a guitar or dropping a royal mixtape? And let’s not forget the part where people are absolutely convinced he’s “handsome.” Well, we can’t deny it – Prince Charming has got the charm part down.

So, as Prince William descended upon Singapore, the crowd erupted in cheers, homemade signs waved in the air, Union Jack flags fluttered, and people clutched photos of his beloved late mother, Princess Diana. And it appears he was tickled pink by a compliment from the crowd, with someone boldly shouting “so handsome.” Well, who can blame them? Even royals need a little ego boost from time to time.

As he strolled through the airport with Sim Ann, the country’s senior minister of state for foreign affairs, Prince William took the time to chat with kids and even snapped some royal selfies. It’s almost like he’s just a regular guy with a crown, isn’t it?

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While in the past, William and Kate attended events together hand in hand, this time, our dear Princess of Wales stayed home. Why, you ask? She’s on mom duty, helping young Prince George prepare for some life-defining exams. It turns out even future kings have to hit the books. George is in Year 6 at Lambrook prep school, and he’s getting ready for entrance exams that cover everything from mathematics to English and even verbal reasoning.

And can we talk about William’s journey to Singapore? He took a 13-hour commercial flight, just like any of us regular folks. No private jet for this prince, no siree! He arrived at the nature-themed complex at Changi Airport, looking a tad jet-lagged but still managing to pull off the “I’m a dignified royal” look.

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As for who yelled “so handsome” at the “57-year-old” William, your guess is as good as ours. Maybe it was an embassy official trying to score some royal brownie points? Or perhaps it was one of William’s staff members trying to butter up the boss. We can only wonder if there was a secret contest going on in the crowd, where the winner got to shout the most flattering compliment.

The British media seems to be still miffed about Kate not joining the fun. Frankly, we’re a bit disappointed too. Imagine the headlines we’d have with Kate’s Singaporean wig collection and her next-level fashion choices. Instead, we’re stuck with “dull” William attempting to play the role of a global statesman. Oh well, at least he’s got the “rock star” image going for him – time to drop the mic, Your Royal Highness!

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