James Van Der Beek Pokes Fun at Fake Snow on ‘Dawson’s Creek’

James Van Der Beek is having a good time poking fun at the quirks of his beloved show, Dawson’s Creek.

The ageless 46-year-old actor, who once graced our screens as the eternally brooding Dawson Leery in that iconic teen drama series from 1998 to 2003, has now found humor in some of its delightfully glaring imperfections.

On a fateful Thursday (October 26), James unleashed his playful side and shared a viral Instagram post, playfully ribbing Dawson’s Creek on his Instagram Story.

In this side-splitting snippet, we witness characters gallivanting across what’s supposed to pass as snow, but let’s be honest, it looks more like they’re strolling on a rejected rug sample from a discount carpet emporium. A keen-eyed social media sage hilariously quipped, “Dawson’s Creek really had no budget for snow…” We couldn’t agree more!

They further tacked on a caption that read, “Man, Dawson’s Creek thought they could slip that by us.”

James, the master of levity, couldn’t resist joining the revelry on his Instagram Story. He cheekily chimed in, “We must’ve splurged our entire budget on tissues,” in a nod to Dawson’s infamous propensity for shedding more tears than a sobbing onion. Oh, the tissue budget extravagance!

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