‘Back to Black’ Trailer Starring Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse

Marisa Abela is taking a wild trip down memory lane, and by memory lane, I mean she’s turning into the legendary Amy Winehouse in the quirkiest musical biopic ever, “Back to Black”! The trailer just dropped, and it’s more dazzling than a disco ball covered in glitter.

In this cinematic rollercoaster, released on the auspicious Thursday, January 11 (because apparently, Thursdays are now officially awesome), Marisa Abela channels the highs and lows of Amy’s career. It’s like she’s on a see-saw of fame, swinging between soaring highs and epic lows, all while sporting the iconic beehive hairdo.

As the trailer unfolds, Marisa, looking like a rockstar ready to conquer the world, drops the bombshell, “I want to be remembered for just being me.” Oh, the suspense! We’re all ears, Marisa – spill the tea!

And let’s not forget the soundtrack! The movie is practically dancing to the beats of the song that inspired the film’s title. It’s like a jukebox on steroids, and we’re here for it.

Joining Marisa in this musical extravaganza are Lesley Manville, Jack O’Connell, and Eddie Marsan, because, let’s face it, every great movie needs a stellar supporting cast. Directed by the one and only Sam Taylor-Johnson, who probably had a blast turning the set into a wild retro party.

Mark your calendars, friends! “Back to Black” is hitting the screens in the UK and Ireland on April 12. But don’t worry, dear Americans, you’ll get your turn on May 10. Get ready for a wild ride through the musical time machine – Amy Winehouse style!

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