‘Glee’ Star Amber Riley Refused To Film a Sex Scene With Chord Overstreet

In a wild revelation that’ll make you chuckle-snort, Amber Riley, the force behind Mercedes Jones in Glee, spilled the beans about a jaw-dropping moment behind the scenes.

Picture it: the fabulous 38-year-old actress, ruling the screen as Mercedes from 2009 to 2015, and getting all tangled up romantically with Chord Overstreet’s Sam Evans throughout the show’s rollercoaster ride.

But hold your popcorn tight, because in a recent podcast appearance on the “And That’s What You Really Missed,” with hosts Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale, Amber let loose a nugget of pure comedic gold. Brace yourselves – originally, Mercedes was slated to bid adieu to her V-card in a raucous, full-throttle sex scene with Sam!

Now, hold onto your hats, because Amber wasn’t about to let that happen. She recounted her epic showdown with none other than Glee’s co-creator, Brad Falchuk. Armed with sheer determination and a whole lot of sass, she shut down Brad’s grand plan faster than you can say “plot twist.”

“‘Absolutely not,’ I told Brad,” she reminisced. “He handed me those blue pages or whatever, and I was like, ‘No way, José.'”

But oh, the drama didn’t stop there. Brad, ever the master of compromise, tried to sweet talk Amber into a more PG-13 version of the scene. “What if you guys just, you know, hold hands and skip to the room, and then, like, close the door?” he proposed.

But Amber wasn’t having any of it. “Nope, not today, not ever,” she declared, putting her foot down faster than a runaway train. And why, you might ask? Well, according to the queen herself, it was all about staying true to her character. “I don’t say no to much,” she explained, “but this? Nah, it would’ve been as awkward as wearing socks with sandals. Just not my vibe, you know?”

And so, dear friends, the legend of Mercedes Jones and her infamous almost-sex scene shall live on in the annals of Glee history, forever immortalized as the moment when Amber Riley said, “Not on my watch!”


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