Gigi Hadid Shares Official Statement on Israel-Palestine Social Media Posts

Gigi Hadid just unleashed a statement storm, and it’s wilder than a cat on a Roomba!

So, there she was, the 28-year-old supermodel, playing the Instagram game. But oh boy, did she fumble that post like it was a slippery soap in a butter factory. She threw up an infographic, and quicker than you can say “modeling mishap,” it vanished. Poof! Like a magician trying to make a controversial rabbit disappear.

This disappearing act, though, was no magic trick. Gigi was catching heat for pointing fingers at Israel, claiming they’re the world champs at keeping kids as prisoners of war. Bold statement, right? Well, turns out, it wasn’t the slam dunk she thought it would be.

The infographic spotlighted a lad named Ahmed Almanasra, supposedly snatched by the Israeli bigwigs at the tender age of 12. The poor kid, according to the post, had been playing a never-ending solo game of solitary confinement since 2015. The plot twist? Ahmed wasn’t exactly on a school field trip that day. Nope, he got caught red-handed, literally, stabbing folks in Jerusalem, with a not-so-secret mission of giving Jewish people an unexpected acupuncture session.

Fast forward to Gigi’s Tuesday Tell-All, where she spilled the beans. Turns out, she didn’t fact-check or think too hard before hitting that repost button. Oops! But hey, haven’t we all accidentally shared something without doing our homework? No? Just Gigi? Okay then.

She clarified that her grand plan was to shine a light on how the Israeli government is apparently playing hopscotch with international law. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong example from the grab bag of drama. Regret level 100.

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Gigi, ever the humanitarian, wanted us all to know that attacking any human, Jews included, is a big no-no. Hostage-taking? Nope. Harming people just because they’re Jewish? Absolutely not cool. She basically yelled, “Freedom for Palestinians and safety for Jews—both can be cool, guys!”

In her defense, she argued that no matter the crime, when democracy is the hot topic, everyone should get the same rights. Even little Ahmed, the not-so-innocent stabby boy, deserves a fair shake.

Then Gigi whipped out the big guns—human rights organizations! She claimed that legit groups have documented the government of Israel giving the Palestinian people a rough time. Historical drama, family fleeing in the 1940s, and a sprinkle of accountability—Gigi’s got it all.

And because she’s human (shocking, we know), mistakes happen. But she promised not to back the misinformation bus and threw shade at using the Free Palestine movement as a front for anti-Semitism.

The Gigi Hadid comedy special—a rollercoaster of misinformation, good intentions, and a sprinkle of international law drama. Grab your popcorn!


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