Dwayne Johnson Updates Fans On Live-Action ‘Moana’ Movie

Brace yourself, because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is swapping his gym weights for island waves and getting ready to start filming the live-action Moana movie! And guess what? He just dropped some juicy tidbits that’ll make your coconuts spin.

That’s right, our favorite muscle-bound, eyebrow-raising, larger-than-life 52-year-old superstar is back to flex his vocal cords as Maui, the charming demigod we all fell in love with in the 2016 animated Disney hit. Imagine the biceps on that guy trying to wiggle into a grass skirt again – now that’s a sight worth seeing.

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Dwayne, in his typical rock-solid style, jumped onto social media this week. Armed with a selfie that could melt even the iciest of hearts, he shared a sneak peek of the movie’s fab four: himself, Catherine Laga’aia (who’s taking on the title role), and two other soon-to-be household names. Picture it: a photo so epic, even your mom’s collection of family vacation photos would be jealous.

In his Insta-post, he said something poetic about sharing Polynesian legends, songs, dances, and traditions with the world. But let’s be real, he had us at “Aloha!” He then casually dropped that they’ll be hitting the beaches, uh, I mean, starting production in August. So mark your calendars, because the countdown to more Maui magic begins now!

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The movie is set to make a grand splash in theaters on July 10, 2026. That’s right, you’ve got just enough time to perfect your hula dance and stock up on pineapple snacks.

But wait, there’s more! Like a Hawaiian wave that just keeps coming, Dwayne will also be back for Moana 2, the animated sequel set to hit screens on November 27, 2024. Get ready for another round of catchy tunes and magical adventures, because the Rock is rolling back into the Disney kingdom.

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So, grab your leis, start practicing your “You’re Welcome” routine, and get ready for a tidal wave of fun – because Dwayne Johnson is about to make Moana even more legendary than ever!

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