Amy Schumer Spotted Filming Netflix Movie ‘Kinda Pregnant’

Guess who’s back in action? It’s none other than the hilarious Amy Schumer!

The 42-year-old comedic genius and actress extraordinaire graced the streets of New York City on Monday (February 26) for the filming of her upcoming Netflix flick, “Kinda Pregnant.” And let’s just say, she was rocking that sidewalk like it was her own personal stage.

Sporting a chic long black dress, Amy didn’t let the chilly weather cramp her style. Oh no, she even threw on a flashy red coat to show winter who’s boss!

So, what’s the deal with “Kinda Pregnant,” you ask? Well, get ready to laugh your socks off because Amy takes on the role of Lainy, a gal who decides to rock a fake baby bump because, wait for it, she’s green with envy over her bestie’s bun in the oven! Classic Amy, am I right?

And if you’ve been living under a rock and missed the memo, our girl Amy recently spilled the beans about her run-in with Cushing syndrome. Yep, turns out she’s got a case of the ol’ cortisol overload, which basically means her stress hormone is living its best life.

Despite the diagnosis, Amy’s still bringing the heat, one hilarious project at a time. And hey, who needs a sculpted jawline when you’ve got comedy chops that could make a stone crack up?

So here’s to Amy Schumer, the queen of comedy, the mistress of mirth, and the reigning champ of keeping it real, puffier face and all!

Amy Schumer Spotted Filming Netflix Movie ‘Kinda Pregnant’


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