Camila Cabello Promotes Her New Album ‘C,XOXO’ At A Skatepark In Miami

Camila Cabello is about to make your summer sizzle with her new album, C,XOXO!

At the ripe old age of 27, our favorite “I Luv It” pop star is getting ready to bless our eardrums with fresh tunes on June 28. But wait, there’s more! She’s already diving headfirst into promo shenanigans.

Picture this: it’s Thursday (June 7), and Camila decides to crash a skate park in Miami, Florida. Why? Because she can. Dressed in a super sleek black outfit that screams “I’m cooler than you,” she starts dancing around like no one’s watching. Spoiler alert: everyone was watching. Then, just to prove she’s the queen of spontaneity, she hops on the back of a bike and takes off. Yep, you read that right – pop star by day, biker chick by… also day.

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But that was just the appetizer.

At an exclusive listening event with her die-hard fans, Camila treated everyone to a sneak peek of four new tracks. First up was “Chanel No.5” – probably not about perfume, but who knows with these pop stars. Then came “Pretty When I Cry,” which we assume is her take on ugly crying but, you know, prettier. Next, she hit us with “Dade County Dreaming,” a love letter to Miami, or maybe just a really good dream she had. Finally, there was “B.O.A.T.” – and if you’re guessing it’s about a boat, think again. It stands for “best of all time,” because why not?

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So, get ready to have your world rocked, because Camila is here to make waves – literally and musically!

Camila Cabello Promotes Her New Album ‘C,XOXO’ At A Skatepark In Miami

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