Elon Musk Files a Lawsuit Against Media Matters for Defamation Over Nazi Content

This Thanksgiving, Elon “Rocket Turkey” Musk decided to spice up the holiday feast by serving a heaping dish of drama to families divided by politics. Forget the turkey; let’s talk about the real birdbrain move he pulled. Musk is taking on Media Matters, the nonprofit that dared to point fingers at his beloved X, claiming the platform cozied up to pro-Nazi content. Cue the gasps and mashed potato flinging!

Apparently, the report triggered a mass advertiser exodus faster than you can say “pilgrim.” It’s no secret that X has turned into a haven for alt-right and right-wing rascals, including its own owner, who got caught in a web of anti-Semitic reposting. Turns out, even big corporations can’t ignore the financial red flags that come with a side of Nazi association. Who knew?

Elon wasn’t thrilled about being called out on his, uh, “stuff.” So, what’s a billionaire playboy to do? Take his ball, hop on his electric skateboard, and roll straight to court.

In a move that’s as unpredictable as Musk’s Twitter rants, the lawsuit claims Media Matters played the platform like a fiddle, creating a circus of ads next to questionable content. They even threw in terms like “excessive scrolling” and “fringe” content, as if Musk’s scrolling habits weren’t already pretty excessive.

But wait, there’s more alternative facts than a Thanksgiving dinner with your conspiracy theory-loving uncle. X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, is waving the truth flag high. According to her, not a single genuine user saw IBM’s, Comcast’s, or Oracle’s ads next to the content. Only two users, and one of them might’ve been Media Matters, saw Apple’s ad in that questionable neighborhood. Data wins, people, so don’t let manipulation ruin your Thanksgiving leftovers.

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And then, enter Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who decided to crash the Thanksgiving party with an investigation into Media Matters for potential “fraudulent activity.” Because nothing says Thanksgiving like a side dish of legal drama.

Media Matters, though, isn’t backing down. Their president, Angelo Carusone, called Musk’s lawsuit a “frivolous” attempt to hush X’s critics. He’s ready to take this battle to court, and honestly, it sounds like it’s gonna be more entertaining than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In the midst of all this legal ping-pong, let’s not forget Musk’s recent dance with an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Advertisers aren’t just worried about their brand’s safety on the platform; they’re also side-eyeing Musk’s questionable moves. Musk, however, denies the anti-Semitism accusations, while Yaccarino seems to have misplaced her acknowledgment of those concerns.

So, here we are, playing in the sandbox of the dumbest timeline. Musk, the Space Karen, suing a media company, and the Federalist Society just waiting for a chance to legitimize hate speech in the name of “free” speech. Because nothing says Thanksgiving like a good ol’ family feud over a turkey with a side of lawsuits. Pass the gravy and the popcorn, please!


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