Beyonce Stuns In New ‘Cowboy Carter’ Promo Pics

Get ready to wrangle your laughter with Beyoncé’s latest antics!

The reigning queen of the charts has blessed us with some snaps that scream “Yeehaw!” as she fully embraces her inner ‘Cowboy Carter.’

And can you blame her?

Fresh off the heels of her culture-shaking album dominating the Billboard 200 for the second week in a row – and let’s not forget its epic first-week sales that could probably fund a small country – Beyoncé is riding high on the rodeo of success.

To celebrate, she’s serving up looks hotter than a Texas summer, complete with a cowboy hat bigger than her dreams and a bag proudly proclaiming ‘Jolene’ – a sly nod to her cover of Dolly Parton’s hit that’s climbing the charts faster than a bull at a rodeo.

So kick off your boots and giddy up for more hilarious antics from Mrs. Carter below… if you can handle the sheer fabulosity, that is! 🤠

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