Shakira Claims Her Sons “Hated” The ‘Barbie’ Movie And Found It “Emasculating”

In a recent chitchat with Allure magazine, the fabulous Shakira spilled the beans on her sons’ reaction to the Barbie movie, and boy, was it a hoot!

Turns out, Sasha (the nine-year-old mischief maker) and Mila (the 11-year-old mastermind), whom she shares with her ex-flame Gerard Pique, weren’t exactly thrilled about the flick. Nope, not even close. They practically squirmed in their seats, feeling like it was threatening their manly mojo. And mama Shakira? Well, she kinda got where they were coming from.

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“They were like, ‘Mom, this is just not cool,'” Shakira revealed with a chuckle. “They felt like Barbie was cramping their style, you know? But hey, I’m all for girl power too, just not at the expense of my little dudes’ macho vibe.”

She nodded along, adding, “I mean, I’m raising two future heartbreakers here. I want them to feel like superheroes, but also to treat ladies like the queens they are.”

And you know what? Shakira’s not wrong. She’s all about that balance, baby! “I’m all for empowering women, don’t get me wrong,” she insisted, striking a pose. “But let’s not forget that men have their place too. It’s like a cosmic dance, y’know? We need each other to boogie down through life.”

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The interviewer, probably trying not to burst into laughter, chimed in, “So, like, women can do it all, but maybe we don’t have to?”

Shakira snapped her fingers like she was hitting the chorus of “Hips Don’t Lie” and replied, “Bingo! We can do it all, sure, but why not let the fellas carry some of the weight too? It’s only fair, right?”

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Ah, Shakira, always keeping it real. But while her kiddos were busy dissecting Barbie’s latest adventures, she’s been cooking up some tunes of her own. Yup, after seven long years, the queen of hip-shaking rhythms has dropped her latest album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (translation: “Women Don’t Cry Anymore”). And let’s just say, it’s got us all dancing like there’s no mañana!

Shakira Claims Her Sons “Hated” The ‘Barbie’ Movie And Found It “Emasculating”

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