Tom Sandoval Spotted Cozying Up to Model Victoria Lee Robinson

Hold on to your spatulas, because Tom Sandoval is cooking up some friendship with a side of model magic!

The 40-year-old Vanderpump Rules sensation was caught in the act of laughter and good times with none other than model extraordinaire Victoria Lee Robinson at the gourmet extravaganza known as ChainFEST. Yes, you heard it right—ChainFEST, where foodies unite and, apparently, where friendships with models flourish like truffles in a forest.

Now, before you start spinning a web of romantic fantasies in your head, let us clear the air like a master chef wielding a whisk. In March, Tom bid adieu to his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix, and the breakup saga included a twist worthy of a reality TV plot—Tom allegedly two-stepped into the land of betrayal with Ariana’s bestie and co-star, Raquel Leviss. Drama, anyone?

But fear not, gossipmongers, because we’ve got the lowdown on Tom’s culinary adventure with Victoria. Insider whispers suggest that the dynamic duo strutted into the event arm in arm, giving off vibes that screamed “cozy companionship.” However, hold your horses—there was apparently as much public display of affection as a fridge has display space for caviar.

Our secret sauce of information spills the beans, or rather, the spaghetti noodles, on this supposed rendezvous. According to a top-tier source, Tom and Victoria are just buddies sharing a laugh and some tasty treats. Friendship goals, anyone?

And if you’re tempted to hop into your time machine and revisit 2016, you’d find a tidbit about Victoria having a dalliance with none other than the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio when she was a sprightly 23. Talk about a model romance flashback!

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Tom and Victoria, the dynamic duo of ChainFEST, proving that sometimes, a model and a reality TV star can mix as smoothly as peanut butter and jelly. Let the culinary friendships flourish, and may the forks be forever in their favor!

Tom Sandoval Spotted Cozying Up to Model



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