Ariana Grande Talks Anxiety, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and More in Apple Music Interview

Get ready to dive into the whirlwind world of Ariana Grande, where music, mom, and Jim Carrey all play a part in her wild ride through fame and fortune.

So, there she was, the 30-year-old pop sensation herself, gabbing with Zane Lowe from Apple Music about her latest masterpiece, “eternal sunshine,” which is about to drop like a bomb of joy on our eardrums.

Let’s start with her mom, the OG supporter of her Broadway dreams. From flying her in for auditions to never pushing her too hard, Ariana’s mom has been the wind beneath her wings, or rather, the Broadway stage lights in this case. Talk about a full-circle moment!

And then there’s the freedom Ariana finds in art. She can pull inspiration from anywhere – her truth, a concept, a friend’s relationship drama, or even a voice note from her Nonna. Who knew a Nonna voice note could be the secret sauce to a killer album ending?

Ariana spills the tea on her time away from music. Turns out, it was like hitting the reset button on her music mojo. Now she’s back, loving every minute of album-making, video-shooting, and photo-posing. She’s so present, she could be the poster child for mindfulness.

And let’s not forget her recording sessions with Max Martin. Vulnerability was the name of the game. Picture Ariana nervously FaceTiming Max, asking, “Is this fine? Should I add more cowbell?” It’s like a musical sitcom waiting to happen.

Now, onto her anxieties. Sure, she tries not to catastrophize, but there’s always that hovering dread of what could go wrong. But hey, she’s learning to befriend her anxiety monsters, shining a light on them like a bunch of little Pixar characters. You go, girl!

Oh, and did we mention her past struggles with success? Yeah, she used to hide from it like it was a scary movie monster. But now? She’s embracing it like a long-lost friend. Cue the emotional music and the waterworks.

And speaking of emotional, Ariana had a revelation: she wasn’t listening to herself. Like, at all. But now she’s tuning in, realizing it’s not cool to ignore those gut feelings. It’s like Oprah’s “aha moment” on steroids.

Now, let’s talk inspiration. Ariana’s album, “eternal sunshine,” was inspired by the movie of the same name. And guess what? She’s been a Jim Carrey superfan since the dawn of time. Meeting him was like a dream come true – and he didn’t disappoint. Take notes, this is how you meet your heroes without the disappointment.

And finally, the big question: will she tour again? Drumroll, please! She misses it like a kid misses recess, but she’s gotta redefine her relationship with touring first. Trauma and lack of boundaries, beware! Ariana’s coming for you with a vengeance, armed with a newfound love for the stage.

So there you have it. Ariana Grande: pop superstar, Broadway baby, Jim Carrey fangirl, and anxiety conqueror extraordinaire. Her journey is as wild as a rollercoaster ride, and we’re all just along for the hilarious, heartwarming, and occasionally tear-jerking trip.


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