Amber Heard Addresses ‘Aquaman 2’ in New Post

Amber Heard is diving into the deep end to talk about her latest masterpiece, Aquaman 2! The 37-year-old actress decided to grace us with her wisdom on Instagram, and boy, was it a tidal wave of emotions (or maybe just a splash, sorry not sorry) 💦.

“After all this time, Aquaman 2 made its grand entrance (or should I say, splash) 💦,” she started, proving that she’s not just a superhero on-screen but also a pun master. Move over, Aquaman; Amber’s got the jokes!

A massive shoutout to all her fans for the overwhelming support and love in Mera’s AQ return. Because, you know, nothing says gratitude like heart emojis. Thank you so much, emoji lovers! ❤️ #aquaman

Now, let’s talk about the movie’s critical reception. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 35% Fresh rating, but hey, who needs critics when you’ve got an 81% audience score? It’s like the movie equivalent of “I don’t care what you think; my mom says I’m cool.”

But hold on to your tridents, because here comes the plot twist. The sequel didn’t quite make the box office splash they were hoping for. Maybe Aquaman needs some swimming lessons in blockbuster success? Sorry, Jason Momoa, it seems like your Aquaman might have hung up his trident for the last time in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman 2: The Splashy Sequel, where Amber Heard proves she’s not just a superhero but also a certified water comedian. Move over, Marvel; DC’s got the underwater stand-up game on lock! 🌊😂

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