Adam Driver Welcomes Second Baby With Wife Joanne Tucker

Guess who’s been busy in the baby-making business? None other than the 40-year-old Ferrari heartthrob, Adam Driver, and his partner-in-parenting, the 41-year-old actress extraordinaire, Joanne Tucker! These two have been cooking up some kiddos on the down-low.

Their parenting journey started back in 2016 when they hatched their first bundle of joy – a son whose name is apparently classified information. Seriously, it’s like the CIA is handling their baby’s birth certificate.

According to the scandalous reports from Page Six, Adam and Joanne decided to spice things up in 2023 and sneakily added another member to their covert family squad – a baby girl! It’s like a secret agent operation, but with diapers.

And how did Adam spill the beans on their clandestine baby girl’s arrival? Drumroll, please! During a dress rehearsal for his Saturday Night Live hosting gig on December 9. Talk about multitasking – hosting SNL and revealing your parenting secrets all in one night.

In a moment that can only be described as peak Adam Driver, he declared, “Last year, I asked for a baby girl, and I got it, which is exhausting.” Dude, parenting is tough, we get it. He then wished for Ambien this year. Because, you know, sleep is for the weak when you’re a dad doubling as a Hollywood superstar.

So here’s to Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker, the masterminds behind the undercover baby operation! May your nights be filled with laughter, love, and hopefully a decent amount of sleep-inducing Ambien. Congratulations, and good luck keeping the next baby’s name under wraps – we’re eagerly awaiting the next top-secret briefing!

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