Adam Driver Reveals His Christmas Wish-List During SNL Opening Monologue

Adam Driver rocked the Saturday Night Live stage on December 9 with a dazzling musical performance dedicated to none other than Santa Claus. In a twist of holiday cheer, the 40-year-old Ferrari star decided to spill the beans on his Christmas wishlist with a side of humor.

Setting the comedic tone, Adam claimed, “I adore Christmas. It’s like the Olympics of holidays. The feasts, the tunes, the quirky family gatherings. But mainly, because Santa and I share this oddly deep bond.” Picture this: Adam at the piano, serenading Santa with his heartfelt desires.

Entering the big 4-0 this year, Adam didn’t hold back with his requests. “Hey, Santa, I’m not getting any younger. How about 5 pairs of chinos? Gotta keep it stylish in my middle age.” But that’s not all. He threw in a curveball, saying, “And, oh yeah, one of those colossal metal Tesla trucks. I hear they’re great for compensating for, you know, inadequacies elsewhere.”

And then came the epic defense against the accusation of Han Solo’s demise. “Let’s set the record straight, Santa. I did not off Han Solo. It’s not my fault. Wokeness did it. Blame the woke folks.” Talk about clearing the air with holiday spirit!

But Adam didn’t stop there. He had a bone to pick with those annoying street encounters. “Can we please put an end to the ‘You killed Han Solo’ chatter on the streets? I’ve had enough. It’s not me; it’s the woke culture!”

Venturing into the realm of internet pet peeves, he targeted TikTok couples who love their pranks a bit too much. “Those TikTok couples who think pranks are the spice of life? Santa, can you make them disappear? It’s for the greater good, trust me.”

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As his wishlist reached its climax, Adam eagerly anticipated Santa’s annual breaking and entering. “Santa, can’t wait for you to sneak into my place like the holiday ninja you are.” And what’s Adam gifting Santa in return? None other than his latest masterpiece, the movie Ferrari, premiering on Christmas day.

We’ll keep you posted if anything else momentous goes down on SNL tonight. It’s a Christmas wish list like no other!



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