Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Know How to Work the Grammys

Lana Del Rey is reacting to her five Grammy nominations, and boy, oh boy, is she in for a wild ride on the Grammy rollercoaster!

So, on a fine day in the mystical land of November 10, the fabulous 38-year-old songstress received not one, not two, but FIVE nods in major Grammy categories! That’s right, Lana’s music has officially joined the glittery ranks of Album of the Year and Song of the Year.

Now, here’s where things get a bit wacky. Lana, who’s been rocking the music scene but somehow managed to avoid clutching a Grammy in her talented mitts, recently discovered the secret Grammy sauce: you gotta submit your tunes to be in the nomination game. And that process was about as familiar to her as flying a rocket to the moon. But, fear not, dear Lana, she took the plunge and submitted her musical gems.

In a side-splitting Instagram video, Lana unveiled her newfound Grammy wisdom while laughing it off like a champ. She confessed, “I only learned this year that you have to submit now if you want to be nominated, so even that was out of my wheelhouse, but I did do that.” Bravo, Lana, for navigating the Grammy submission labyrinth like a true explorer!

Brace yourselves for the cute and quirky part. Our girl Lana woke up one sunny morning, practically bursting with excitement over her Grammy nominations. A whopping FIVE of ’em! And guess what? She’s not just a solo star in this galaxy of glitter; she’s also featured on two other nominated albums, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jon Batiste and Taylor Swift. So, it’s not just Lana’s party; she’s the life of the Grammy shindig!

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As she bubbled with enthusiasm, Lana spilled the tea, exclaiming, “It’s just such a fun day. It’s really just about how excited everybody else is. And everybody calling and getting in touch and saying hi. So, all about the process. It’s just one more exciting thing that’s happening so…genuinely touched.” The sheer delight in Lana’s voice is infectious, making us all want to join the Grammy party pronto!

Who knows, this might just be the year Lana takes home a Grammy or five, and it couldn’t happen to a more charmingly clueless yet lovable artist!


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