Tyler Perry Slams ‘Madea’ Critics

In the world of showbiz, Tyler Perry has been the consistent shining star, shining so bright he might need some sunglasses to deal with all the fame! From dressing up as Madea to being the brains behind your favorite TV shows, he’s been hitting it out of the park for the past two decades. And we’re not just talking about hitting home runs, we’re talking grand slams! The man’s got more hits than a kid’s birthday party piñata.

But like everything in life, even Mr. Perry’s cinematic empire isn’t immune to a bit of criticism. It’s like trying to make a perfect omelet without breaking a few eggs. But Tyler’s got something to say about all the naysayers, and he’s bringing the laughs and the drama in his new Prime Video documentary, ‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.’

Tyler Perry, the master of all things media, decided to face the music (and the haters) and spilled the tea on his rise to stardom. In a recent chat with the CBS Morning crew, he didn’t hold back.

When asked if the criticism from the Black community stings a little, Tyler wasn’t fazed. He shrugged it off, saying, “No, we all have critics, even those ‘hoity-toity’ folks who look down their noses at everything.” We can’t help but imagine him sipping tea with his pinky finger in the air, saying, “Oh, darling, you simply don’t understand my genius.”

Tyler went on to explain that some of the backlash he’s faced comes from people trying to distance themselves from their roots. He said, “I marvel at any Black person who wants to remove themselves from their Blackness. They’re like, ‘Let me get away from my family’s Madea moments, educate myself away from my Blackness.’ Those people, I just can’t.”

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But don’t get him wrong; Tyler Perry is all for constructive criticism. He believes every voice matters, but if you’re too busy sipping your tea with your nose in the air, he might not take your advice to heart.

Tyler Perry wants you to know that, regardless of the critics, every person’s story matters. So, keep doing your thing, Tyler, and keep making us laugh, cry, and everything in between! You’re a true entertainment powerhouse, and we can’t wait to see what you do next.


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