Travis Kelce’s Mom Donna Regrets Calling Taylor Swift “OK”

Travis Kelce’s mom is having a serious case of foot-in-mouth regret after her unintentional diss on Taylor Swift.

Picture this: The Today Show, early October. Donna Kelce gets hit with the question about her first encounter with the 33-year-old “Cruel Summer” maestro at one of her son’s games. Her response? A casual “meh, she’s OK.”

In a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, the Kelces spill the beans in a new WSJ. interview. Travis, being the dutiful son, calls up Donna to shower her with reassurance, proclaiming she did a “super job” on The Today Show. But oh, the regret lingers in the Kelce household. Donna is apparently stuck in a self-berating loop, replaying that “OK” moment in her mind like a sitcom blooper reel.

Now, in a grand reveal, Donna spills the beans once more, exclaiming, “I can tell you this. He’s happier than a cat in a room full of laser pointers. God bless him, he aimed for the stars!” Cue the cosmic confetti and a round of applause for Travis, the guy who shot for the moon and landed among the constellations.

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