Mariska Hargitay Named Her Cat After a Taylor Swift Song

Mariska Hargitay just adopted a new furball of joy, and the name she bestowed upon this whiskered wonder is straight out of the Taylor Swift playbook! Yep, she’s taken feline inspiration from none other than Taylor’s own cat, Olivia Benson—because apparently, celebrity cats have to stick together like a well-groomed fur posse.

In case you missed the memo, Taylor Swift is the reigning queen of cat-naming, having christened her own feline friend after Mariska’s Law & Order: SVU character. It’s like a feline homage, a mutual admiration society of the highest order!

Mariska and Taylor’s friendship has blossomed over the years, reaching peak cat-lady camaraderie. Remember when Mariska made a stellar cameo in Taylor’s “Bad Blood” music video? Iconic. And, of course, she graced the premiere of The Eras Tour movie like the VIP she is in the feline fan club.

Introducing the newest member of Mariska’s entourage, the one and only Karma! Yep, Karma is a cat, and Mariska is proudly flaunting her newfound feline friend on the ‘gram. Cue adorable cat photos with captions like, “MeAndKarmaVibeLikeThat” and “AndIKeepMySideOfMyPawClean.” Because if you’re a cat owner, you’ve got to keep those cat puns sharp!

And let’s not forget the icing on the catnip-flavored cake—Karma happens to be a nod to a song title from Taylor’s Midnights album. It’s like naming your child after a rock star, but in the feline realm.

Fans flooded Mariska’s cat-tastic post with comments, with one fan declaring, “you’re actually the biggest Taylor stan.” Well, who wouldn’t be when your cat-naming game is on par with the pop princess herself?

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Even Mariska’s Law & Order co-star and on-screen son, Ryan Buggle, couldn’t resist the feline allure. He pleaded, “Please bring this baby to work.” Because what’s better than solving crimes? Solving crimes with a sidekick cat, obviously!

So, here’s to Karma, the celebrity cat with a name as fabulous as her owner’s friendship with Taylor Swift. May their paws stay clean and their catnip stash never run dry! 🐾😺 #KarmaIsACat #PurrfectionAchieved



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