Selena Gomez Misses Going On Tour

Picture this: Selena Gomez, the queen of pop pondering the possibility of hitting the road once more. In a recent interview, she confessed that she’s got this itch for touring again, like she’s missing her long-lost roadie buddy.

But hold your horses! Selena’s not just jumping on any old tour bus. Oh no, she’s cooking up some wild, never-seen-before tour extravaganza. She’s talking about a tour so unique that even aliens on Mars would be like, “Hey, that’s out of this world!”

When asked how she feels about the whole tour shenanigans, Selena’s like, “Eh, it’s like trying to decide between pineapple on pizza – not sure if it’s good or bad, ya know?” Classic Selena, keeping us on our toes.

But hey, don’t get her wrong, she’s got mad love for her fans. Touring? It’s like her favorite pastime, the ultimate fan connection, like FaceTiming your bestie but with a whole arena cheering you on.

And get this: Selena’s not shutting the tour door completely. Nope, she’s keeping it cracked open, just in case the universe decides it’s time for a whirlwind adventure on wheels.

Now, in other news that’s as fresh as a just-baked cookie, Selena dropped a bombshell of a single titled “Love On.” And oh boy, the music video? It’s a visual feast fit for a pop sensation.

You’ve got Selena, cuddling a pooch like it’s her long-lost fluffy soulmate, all while navigating a staircase jam-packed with more kissing couples than a rom-com marathon. And let’s talk fashion! Selena’s serving looks hotter than a chili pepper dipped in salsa, rocking everything from a pink dress that screams ’80s prom queen to a blue gown that’s fancier than a peacock on parade.

Selena Gomez, tour dreams and music video schemes, all served up with a side of sass and style. Who said the pop world was boring, huh?


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