Sarah Jessica Parker Dons Vibrant Pink Coat for Brooklyn Photoshoot

Sarah Jessica Parker is turning the park into a comedy show!

The 58-year-old And Just Like That magician (seriously, how does she not age?) was beaming like a human sunbeam while casually browsing her phone on the set of her latest photo extravaganza in Brooklyn, New York.

Dressed in a vibrant pink coat that probably has its own zip code, SJP rocked a dazzling pink sweater, jeans, and heels with bows so pink, Cupid would be jealous.

In the midst of takes, our fashionista extraordinaire took a break to showcase her literary prowess, flipping through a book that was probably written in a language only the cool kids understand. And, of course, she engaged in some crew banter because, let’s face it, SJP’s small talk is probably wittier than our best jokes.

Sarah Jessica Parker Dons Pink Coat for Brooklyn Photoshoot
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