Prince Harry Will Not Watch ‘The Crown’ Because of Princess Diana Scenes

Brace yourselves for the royal eye-roll of the century! Prince Harry, the Duke of Eye Rolls, has reportedly declared a royal ban on watching the latest season of “The Crown.” Why, you ask? Well, apparently, the show features the dramatic demise of his dear mum, Princess Diana. Talk about family movie night gone wrong!

In this Netflix extravaganza, they’ve managed to turn Princess Di into a ghostly chatterbox, having heart-to-hearts with her ex-hubby, Prince Charles, and the ultimate tea-sipper, Queen Elizabeth. Even Dodi Fayed, the film producer from the afterlife, makes a cameo. Move over, Casper, we’ve got a royal ghost squad stealing the spotlight!

In one scene, Harry (played by the hilariously named Fflyn Edwards) gets the wake-up call of the century, learning about his mum’s tragic end. Picture this: he’s in bed, probably wearing a sleep mask with a crown on it, and his older brother William (played by Rufus Kampa, who we hope rocked a ridiculous wig) is watching the whole melodrama unfold. Can’t you just hear the dramatic gasps in Buckingham Palace?

The series even dishes out the final chat between a 12-year-old Harry and Diana. We’re guessing it wasn’t about homework or the latest PlayStation game.

Now, you’d think that Harry, who’s got a cushy multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, would have some say in all this royal dramady. Nope! The Sussexes were apparently left out of the loop, not consulted, and not even sent a sneak peek to approve. Awkward much? Maybe they were too busy deciding whether to name their next chicken “Netflix” or “Megflix.”

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And what’s the deal with William? He’s sworn off watching “The Crown” too. Maybe he’s just upset his hair isn’t as gloriously portrayed as it should be.

Rumor has it that Harry’s friends were planning a cozy viewing party just for him. You know, a little Netflix and chill, royal edition. However, that nugget of gossip got squashed faster than a bug at a Buckingham picnic.

Despite the royal eye-rolls, the first four episodes of Season 6 have been unleashed upon the world. Brace yourselves for more ghostly reunions, sleep mask fashion shows, and family conversations that would put any soap opera to shame. As for us commoners, we’ll be waiting for the real-life royal response. Tea, anyone? ☕️


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