Prince Harry Now Part of The ‘Living Legends of Aviation’

Prince Harry just got himself a golden ticket into the elite club of Living Legends of Aviation! Imagine that—his own seat next to the aviation cool kids, and he didn’t even have to bring Meghan Markle as his plus one. Now, before you start wondering if they’re pulling a Ross and Rachel from Friends, let me spill the beans on why Meghan was MIA.

So, there he was, the 39-year-old Duke of Sussex, looking all dapper and ready to join the aviation hall of fame. John Travolta himself handed him the golden ticket at a swanky ceremony in Beverly Hills’ Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 19. Now, this was a party we all wanted to crash!

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But hold your horses, because Meghan, the 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex, was nowhere to be found on the guestlist. Gasp! What happened, you ask? Well, it turns out she had a perfectly legitimate excuse for ditching the glitzy event.

According to the insiders (who are probably just nosy neighbors), Meghan couldn’t make it because one of their little royals was feeling under the weather. Yep, you read that right. The royal munchkins, Prince Archie, aged 4, and Princess Lili, aged 2, are running their own mini-drama series.

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Now, we don’t know which little tyke was down with the sniffles, but we’re crossing our fingers and toes that it’s nothing serious. After all, we need those royal kiddos to be in tip-top shape for their next adorable appearance.

So, here’s to you, Prince Harry, for scoring that aviation honor like a boss! And to Meghan, we hope the royal kiddo is back to causing adorable chaos in no time. Cheers to the royal family—the real aviation legends in the sky and at home!

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Prince Harry Now Part of The ‘Living Legends of Aviation’


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