Nia Long Will Play Katherine Jackson in Michael Jackson Biopic ‘Michael’

Nia Long is diving headfirst into the wacky world of the new Michael Jackson biopic!

Yep, the 53-year-young actress is strapping on her acting boots to portray none other than the matriarch of the Jackson clan, Katherine Jackson, in the upcoming film titled “Michael.” And who’s behind the camera? None other than the maestro of movie magic himself, Antoine Fuqua.

In a statement that probably had the heavens nodding in approval, Nia exclaimed, “Katherine Jackson is like the superhero of the Jackson family, except instead of a cape, she’s got infinite amounts of maternal strength and grace!” Can we get an amen?

Antoine chimed in, singing praises louder than a Jackson 5 hit, “Nia’s performances are like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with time. It’s like she sprinkles magic dust on her characters or something! I can’t wait to see her channel all that awesomeness into portraying Katherine Jackson, the woman who held the Jackson family together through thick and thin, moonwalks and scandals alike.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make you do the moonwalk in excitement, Nia’s not alone in this star-studded extravaganza! Joining her on this wild ride is the recently announced Colman Domingo, who’s bravely stepping into the shoes of the one and only Joe Jackson, Michael’s father. And guess who’s playing the King of Pop himself? None other than Michael’s own nephew, Jaafar Jackson!

So get ready, because this biopic promises to be more thrilling than a rollercoaster ride at Neverland Ranch!

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